OH7AA is an amateur radio club operating in Kuopio, Finland. The club has an HF/VHF/UHF station with 40-meter and 25-meter antenna towers in the Tikkalansaari island. You can find the club by driving north from Kuopio, using the highway (road 5 / E63). The 40M tower is visible on the left side of the road, about 5 km from downtown, soon after the leaf bridge.

There are regular meetings at the club on most Tuesday evenings at 6 PM (local time). If you’re planning to visit the club, get in touch with one of the club members listed on the contacts page to make sure someone will actually be there.

The club runs the following repeaters:

  • OH7RAA – 145.600 MHz -0.6 MHz, opened with 1750 Hz burst or DTMF * or 118.8 Hz CTCSS tone – Voice, on top of the Neulamäki hill
  • OH7RUA – 434.700 MHz -1.6 MHz 1750 Hz – Voice, under maintenance, should return during 2017
  • OH7AA – 144.800 MHz RX-only APRS igate, located at the club station
  • OH7RDA – 144.800 MHz APRS digipeater, in Siilinjärvi, north of Kuopio

Mail address for the club:

Kuopion Seitoset ry
Tikkalantie 6
70420 Kuopio

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